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Hilal committee

The Sighting of the Hilal is one of the important issues that the Muslim Ummah faces every year. The differences and ensuing rifts that appear on this issue, among the Muslims in the entire country, are in fact truly painful for all the caring and sensitive members of the Muslim community.

To think this problem over, and to find a solution, the heads of the Hilal Committees of different states gathered for a "National Hilal Sighting Conference" under the auspices of Shariah Approved Solutions to Hilal Sighting and Allied Issues. This conference was held on Saturday, 14th Zil hijjah, 1437 AH, corresponding to SEP 17 th, 2016 at The Conference Hall, Masjid -E- siddiqah Cheek post Vijayawada Andhrapradesh.

We are very pleased to announce that, a "Central Hilal Sighting Committee" was formed under the guidance and auspices of renowned ‘Ulama Al-Kiraam (Respected Scholars), to find an organized solution to this problem. It should be known that all local hilal committees throughout the AP, ,and Telegana (1) representative as part of the Central Hilal Sighting Committee. It should be kept in mind that the participating ‘Ulama Al-Kiraam consider “Ikhtilaafe Mataalae” (Difference in Horizons) as ‘correct’, from the Shari’ah point of view.

Generally for all Islamic months, but particularly for Ramadan and the two Eids, the members of the Central Hilal Sighting Committee will coordinate amongst themselves and present their unanimous decision to the Muslim masses. In order to reach the Muslim masses and for coordination purposes, in this website will be used.

We would like to make a passionate and heartfelt appeal to the Muslims of Andhra Pradesh the ‘Ulama Al-Kiraam and adhere to their decisions regarding the beginning and end of the blessed month of Ramadan and the correct day of Eid al Adhaa.