Heavy rains and floods have created havoc in the State of Kerala. Houses of lakhs of people have been waterlogged and destroyed, leaving them displaced and forced to take refuge in relief camps. There is acute shortage of safe drinking water, food, health facility and shelter. Never before had the State witnessed a calamity of this scale.Donate Now

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you may help IMARAT - E - SHARIAH Vijayawada at your own ease through the following ways and get a great reward in the Akhirat.

1. Education for the orphan.

2. You can donate montyly aids for a widow

3. You can accept the full expense of a student for make him a Hafiz

4. You can accept the full expense of a student for make him an Aalim

5. You may be a part for treatment of any patient.

6. You can participate in construcion of a hospital.

7. You can participate in construcion of a High School.

8. You can arrange books for any students

9. Clothes and Quilts

10. Mat and Furniture.

11. Safen, Mats for Mosque or Madrasa.

12. Foods and Breakfast for Guest.

13. Foods and Breakfast for Children

How To Donate

People who wish to send their charity, Zakat Sadqat And Lillah etc in order to complete the projects of IMARAT - E - SHARIAH Bihar Odisha & Jharkhand, Phulwari Shareef Patna, should send by money order, draft, and check. Insha Allah Receipt will sent to them after receiving the amount. Write on draft or check only this: IMARAT - E - SHARIAH Vijayawada

Bank Detail :


Account No.: 10331726226

Bank : State Bank Of India


IFSC : SBIN0001233